THEME 01   

Introducing The FF Labs Pitch Series

What if we could harness the talent and ingenuity of the entire web3 community and come together to bring our wildest ideas to life? That’s what FF Labs aims to explore. We are the creative lab for community-driven experimentation.

The FF Labs Pitch Series will be a bi-weekly jam session where our community comes together to pitch and vote on our favorite web3 experimental ideas to tackle. We’ll then build and ship it as fast as possible. Everything that FF Labs produces will be fully open-sourced.

Community members with the top voted experimental ideas are rewarded. You don’t need to have a product-building experience to participate – just bring your imagination, curiosity, and ambition. The only rules are to think big, but tackle small, and build together.


The community has spoken — our first pitch theme is Governance.

For additional context, check out the Miro board where we jammed on several themes including governance, discord comms, memes and others.

Click the link below to submit any idea related to Governance. All ideas will be reviewed as a community and voted upon this coming Thursday March 29th 10am PT.

2. The Process

1 — Forefront Labs will release a new theme for each pitching period.

2 — Community members can submit their ideas OR join us on our bi-weekly FF Labs call to jam as a group and brainstorm together.

3 — A voting period will be open where Members can vote on their favorite ideas.

4 — Once the voting period ends, participants who have the top voted ideas will be rewarded.

5 — FF Labs Core team will select an idea to experiment on and we will discuss and publish all learnings in follow-up FF Labs events.

6 — Everything produced through FF labs will be open-sourced and available for all of web3 to access, fork, replicate, etc. Anyone can build on top of this, and Forefront will continue to explore new ways to support builders and creators through FF Labs.

3. Application Eligibility

Anyone and everyone is invited to participate in FF Labs Idea submission.

4. Rewards

Community participation is everything! Top voted ideas will receive (per series, paid in $FF):

— 1st place $250
— 2nd place $150
— 3rd place $75

FF Labs Core team will choose an idea of the top 3 to execute. Preference will be given to ideas that can be shipped quickly in the spirit of rapid experimentation.